Some initial thoughts for the next leap into the unknown

Originally, we, the Colorado Team, had decided we would post our response together. I’ve decided to go ahead and do an initially posting since so much time has passed.

We have met and done an initial review and business plan but are working on getting more detail.

Here are some thoughts:

Within 6-12 months we hope to have our initial partners and implement our first shared purchasing contract.  As a result, it would be great to have from CPA some sample contract language, member contracts and more detailed information thatwill be needed starting early in 2020.  The more we can harvest from CPA DC the better!.  In addition, as we start looking at funders it will be important to be able to make a case for both direct grants and investments.  How do we coalesce investment partners into a large enough fund?  What kind of legal language and agreements do we need with potential investors?

We would absolutely like to maintain contact with others.  This initial cohort has been very helpful and supportive.  We have already scheduled a December check in phone call with our group and I anticipate will continue with monthly calls during 2020.  A contact list with everyone’s name would be helpful as well as those who attended the workshop in DC.  I like the idea of updates and ongoing occasional questions or prompts.

Based on our initial numbers we will need at least $25,000 in startup for an organizer for the first six months of 2020.  At that time, we will likely need to move to a full-time coordinator and other support which will mean an additional subsidy of at least $35,000 for year 2.  In additional to start up funds, templates for contracts, Mous, membership, etc. will be essential as well as some initial expertise in the areas we hope to begin.

We have already been meeting on a regular basis with our small group and have occasionally invited others to join us.  I do feel confident that we will be able to have a strong business plan that will move us forward.  We have a good core group, identified our initial lead organization, and key people.  We will be posting a larger feasibility plan but for current next steps:

  • Gather a larger contingent of key stakeholders by February 28th.
  • Identify some initial funding resources by the end of the first quarter.
  • Get buy in from key churches and Jubilee ministries within the Episcopal Church and Lutheran Church.
  • Identify the oversight and management structure for our local version of the CPA.

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