What if you could know the prices your peers were paying…

What if candid vendor reviews from your peers were at your finger tips?
What if they shared what their experience was really like?
What if those vendors were the same companies you were starting to negotiate with and consider for your school?

This is the magic that happens at CPA Co-op Meetings with Charter School Operations Directors.
These Operations Leaders are starting to build that same trust & share their thoughts online…

I’d like to show you what they’ve started building with MARVL:


With more than 500 reviews from DC Charter school leaders, MARVL offers uniquely useful insight.

Say perhaps you’re looking for a 5-star bus or transportation company…
Or a plumber who will fix something today but not charge an arm and a leg?
Or you’re curious where KIPP DC is buying furniture (like those kidney tables)?
Or why Friendship PCS (with 4,000 students) uses the same facilities management company to also help with general contracting and what they think about that relationship?
The search feature helps you quickly find what you’re looking for…
Or you can find reviews by school…
Or by category…
Or a deeper dive on what multiple schools think about the same vendor
We’re beginning to add price information to help benchmark what you’re paying…

What’s your vision for this tool?

We believe we are just getting started with MARVL and we’d love your thoughts.
Can we create an online marketplace where you can easily connect with peers, vendors, and quickly learn the appropriate pricing range and key pitfalls to avoid?
Drop us a line.
I’m curious what you think about this project.