Goals for Boston (Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic, Time-bound)


Strategic Plan / Goals

By Feb 14:


  • 60 1:1s 


      • By the end of my 8th week now and I’ve done 20. I can up that rate.
      • These 1:1s are with church pastors, synagogue directors, community organizers, potential providers, civic leaders, people I hope will help champion the work, etc
      • I find the in-person meetings take about 1.5 hours, and I much prefer in person to phone. Setting the meeting up, preparing, then follow-up takes another couple hours each


  • Gathered 40 electric bills 


      • From the 20 meetings I’ve had so far, 8 of them have resulted in sharing electric bills. The other meetings weren’t directly applicable to electric bill gathering. I have an 100% success rate of asking for bills in person and receiving them later (aka nobody says no), although it often takes follow-up. 
      • I hope to get more bills both from more focus on relevant in-person meetings, and also by connecting with larger networks of institutions that can make the ask for me:
        • GBIO? – I plan to follow up with everyone on the first two calls and see who I’m still missing bills from. Maybe a list email here to see if that gets traction
        • MATSA – Massachusetts Association of Temples and Synagogue Administrators – meeting with them next week
        • Episcopal Archdiocese – cold lead from someone I hope to find direct contact with
        • Roslindale Leaders meeting – going tomorrow
        • ??


  • Set date for a group Zoom meeting of all who have submitted electric bills
  • Facilitated group Zoom meeting of 6-10 institutions interested in a trash hauling RFP


    • I’ve discovered that this is a major issue for several institutions. CPA’s success with this in other regions makes it a good next step
    • Involves finding a lawyer to help with breaking contracts and establishing relationships with new trash hauling providers 
  • Group in-person meeting of those who could be a “steering committee” for CPA Boston. Also a way to engage new people. Already met with several people who I could see being champions in this

Author: carrieswatkins

Carrie is pursuing her Master's degree in City Planning at MIT

One thought on “Goals for Boston (Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic, Time-bound)”

  1. Like. A. Boss! And all of this done by the US national holiday of commerce otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. I love how action-oriented you are and how quickly you iterate/adapt to get stuff done. I also admire the thoughtfulness and close examination you brought to all parts of the incubator that I had the privilege of witnessing. Thank you!


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