Finding the right question – serving church needs and serving the community.

Is this the right time to develop CO CPA? Is CO ripe for this opportunity?

My co-Colorado-collaboration cohort comrades (5C team) threw this one out and I initially decided to take it on despite my hesitation.  After all, I ‘m a team player.  But as I began to play with it, this doesn’t feel like the core goal or question.  The options are really either yes or no, do it now, do it later, or don’t do it at all.  But why is the bigger question and I can’t answer that for everyone.

And so, I realize this is not the question I would have initially opted for.  And perhaps this is why I am late in posting, in addition to simply being in meetings solid all-day Wednesday and Thursday even with the snow storm!  I think in going through the exercise for myself it will guide me in helping others answer the same question for themselves.

So, the re-framed goal is:

How does the Episcopal Church in Colorado serve the purchasing and hiring needs of our parishes and fulfill its mission of serving the poor and marginalized and live out our current four baptismal covenant areas of: Creation Care, Racial Inequality, LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, and Suicide Prevention.

Option 1:  Develop a CPA in collaboration with our current partners and others


  • Finish current cohort process.
  • Develop business plan.
  • Get commitments from current partnership team.
  • Expand partners.
  • Complete needs survey of parishes
  • Identify tie ins to four baptismal covenant areas.
  • Identify or build vendor network.


Option 2:  Focus on current ABCD work and work from an asset map within current parishes.


  • Complete training of ABCD to majority of diocese.
  • Complete extensive asset maps of each congregation, diocesan institutions, and jubilee ministries.
  • Identify key assets that will fulfill both goals.
  • Develop internal connections between churches.

Option 3: Don’t do anything – let current work take its course


Not sure there are any real dependencies.  This is the way churches have been working for a thousand years so why change.  Primary dependence is getting out of the way so God can do the work!

Option 4:  Partner with other entities that are already doing this work

  • Complete needs survey of parishes
  • Identify tie ins to four baptismal covenant areas.
  • Identify potential partners (Colorado Nonprofits, Kate’s Parish Resource Center, Private businesses etc.)
  • Develop partnership commitment and/or MOUs with other groups.

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