Welcome to the CPA Incubator!

Hi all – Welcome. I’m deeply appreciative that we’re here, right now, ready to grow together over the next few weeks

My aim is through the Incubator to share what we’ve learned about building Community Purchasing Alliance in D.C. these past several years. One of the things I’m just learning now is that a successful co-op as much about the process, the culture, and the people as anything else.

We’re hoping we can all learn from each other by creating a space where we show up with care and generosity to deepen our own self-awareness and look deeper into ourselves for that defining question: the quest that unleashes that deeper power and purpose for our lives.

My goal with the Incubator is to share an experience of the core leadership frameworks that have helped CPA get where we are, and that we believe will help CPA live into this next phase of growth and implementation.

In the Incubator we want you to synthesize all that you know about what’s wrong with our economy and our community institutions. These are the truths we know in and through our bodies, the traumas we’ve endured and those of close friends and family. When we combine that knowledge with a more holistic process, we unlock the transformative potential of your local work and the federated work of this broader collective you are joining. We want the deep wisdom and genius that’s inside of you to be unleashed.

– Felipe

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